This is not a webzine, it’s not a blog – I’d like to think of it as an organic archive for my writing. Over time, I’ll be adding articles of mine which will be mostly music-related I imagine but possibly other material.

Since 2007, I have intermittently contributed articles to Sweden Rock Magazine – a Scandinavian rock and metal publication which, as the name implies, is in Swedish. In late 2015 I decided to translate a tour report I’d written for the magazine and publish it online. After finding myself quite enjoying the linguistic challenge I followed suit with a few more. Having conducted a Deströyer 666 interview with only a meagre two printed pages at my disposal, I ended up with the vengeful boil in every writer’s posterior; excess material too good to discard. So I used it for an English article for this thing, whatever it is. Since then I’ve produced more exclusive content on a semi-regular basis and will keep doing so, depending on how much time I have at hand. To be notified when new content is available – not spammed with irrelevance, register your email below.

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