Bardo Methodology #1

Bardo Methodology #1
In-depth written conversations about music, mysticism, philosophy, history and more. Fourteen articles over sixty-four pages, featuring original artwork. One thousand copies printed, first five hundred of which are numbered and include a poster.

Bölzeroriginal article plus follow-up interview

Sadistik Exekutionprint exclusive

Phurpaoriginal article plus ceremonial account

Graham Hancockoriginal article

Antaeusoriginal article plus follow-up interview

Morbidprint exclusive

No Fashion Recordsoriginal article

Alvaro Lillo (Watain, Undercroft, Xalpen)original article plus follow-up interview

Ryan Förster (Death Worship, Blasphemy, Conqueror)full version of the abridged online article

Teitanbloodoriginal article

Forndomfull version of the abridged online article

Mgłaoriginal article plus follow-up interview

The Ajna Offensiveoriginal article plus narrated consciousness exploration

Deströyer 666original article (’Just tell ’em I have nothing more to say’ - KK)